XIMIVOGUE Markets in Morocco and The Middle East Reported by Famous Media


With the expansion of its global markets, XIMIVOGUE has developed a growing number of markets throughout the world within only a few years. Until now, XIMIVOGUE has opened more than 1700 stores in 93 countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, France, Denmark, Italy, Egypt, UAE, China, Brunei, Indonesia, Australia, Greece, Cyprus, and more.


Morocco, well known as the 5th largest African economy, has great influence in both Africa and the Arab. It has a membership in the African Union, Arab League, and the Union for the Mediterranean. 


Benefited from its global strategy and brand awareness, XIMIVOGUE successfully entered its new market in Morocco and further developed its market in the Middle East. 

XIMIVOGUE stores in Morocco


So far, there are two new XIMIVOGUE stores opened in Morocco within only a month. Both these two new stores are ideally located in busy areas, which enjoy great foot traffic and business opportunities. It is expected that many new stores will be opened in Morocco and even the Middle East in the near future.


The fast development of XIMIVOGUE’s markets in Morocco and the Middle East attracted attention from several world-famous media, such as Wallstreet Online, CEO.CA, and some local media such as Saudi Arabia News Express, Emirates News Releases, and so on. 

XIMIVOGUE on Wallstreet Online

As an active leading financial community, Wallstreet Online provides the latest news and analysis from renowned-market experts. It is a famous trading portal offering information regarding the market, investing, economics, and more. 


With 9 million users and 18 million monthly page views, CEO.CA brought millions of investors together to discuss and seize new investment opportunities. It does well in increasing a brand’s visibility and competitive advantages. 

XIMIVOGUE on Saudi Arabia News Express

As a famous news release website in Arabic, Saudi Arabia News Express is specialized in collecting hot topics focusing on Arabic and the world in various industries and fields. 

XIMIVOGUE on Emirates News Releases

Emirates News Releases is an important online news website in UAE, which offers local and worldwide breaking news in fields of business, lifestyle, and more.


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