XIMIVOGUE New Store in Bangladesh


Congratulations and best wishes on the grand opening of XIMIVOGUE’s new store in Dhaka, Bangladesh! May its business be prosperous for many years to come!  


It is well known that whether a business is established, mature, or a start-up, locating in a big city has several benefits. A good location with a more dense population is always advantageous in the larger workforce selection, better public transportation, heavy foot traffic, higher living standard, and more amenities.


XIMIVOGUE’s new store in Dhaka, Bangladesh


As the capital and largest city of Bangladesh, Dhaka is the 6th largest and 7th most densely populated city in the world.


Known as a megacity, Dhaka has the most densely populated built-up urban area in the world. It is widely considered to be the most important cultural, economic, and scientific hub of Eastern South Asia. Its GDP ranks third in South Asia and 39th in the world.


As a result, businesses located in Dhaka are sure to enjoy the advantages of a considerable amount of foot traffic, and a greater variety of consumers, and niches.


XIMIVOGUE products cover various categories in daily life


This new store in Dhaka is a good example of explaining how an ideal location positively influences a business. It successfully nearly tripled its sales performance since its opening. Let’s take a look at it.


Perfectly located in the Mirpur section of Dhaka, this new store benefits from the heavy foot traffic from the famous zoos, parks, stadiums, and more. It successfully increased a certain number of new customers, sales, and branding since its opening.


Apart from its desirable location, this new store also further enhanced its word-of-mouth through by comfortable shopping environment, neatly displayed fast-moving consumer goods and professional services. Customers expressed their satisfaction with this XIMIVOGUE new store and showcased great attention to its future and products.



Up to now, XIMIVOGUE has covered 10 main categories of products to meet the various daily needs of global consumers. Its products range from household products, beauty, office and stationery accessories, gifts, fashion accessories, seasonal products, bags, toys, plush dolls, pillows, digital products, sports fitness equipment, etc. XIMIVOGUE is always here to deliver happiness and surprises to global consumers.


Want to open such a store, do not hesitate to follow the below easy steps:


01. Apply: complete the online application, and get a reply from XIMIVOGUE.

02. Visit: visit a store nearby or visit the company/store/warehouse in XIMIVOGUE headquarters. 

03. Sign: sign the agreement online or offline.

04. Open: open the XIMIVOGUE store, and get long-term service & support.

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