XIMIVOGUE New Store in Kuwait


XIMIVOGUE’s new store in Kuwait


Congratulations on the grand opening of XIMIVOGUE’s new store in Ahmadi, Kuwait! Wishing its business never-ending success!


Located in the south of Kuwait, Ahmadi governorate is the second most populated governorate in Kuwait, with a lot of oil and petroleum companies headquartered there.


Located next to the Arabian Gulf coastline, Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City is a famous sea city in Ahmadi governorate with an artificial shoreline covering 200 km. It is a pioneering project due to its environmentally sustainable construction techniques. With its well-designed sufficient infrastructure, Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City is able to meet the needs of a full thriving community. Up to now, it has over 250,000 residents, making it a unique and attractive water-based city that enjoys local cultural traditions.


XIMIVOGUE’s new store with various FMCGs


Located in a beach tourist area in Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City, this new store enjoys a unique advantage in visitor flows. The popular shopping mall, which this new store is in, has a number of advantages in its ample parking space, accessible areas, full equipment and more, is considered an excellent shopping destination for many locals.


Ideally located near the escalator entrance in this popular shopping mall, there is no doubt that this new store benefits from the high level of foot traffic, well-rounded amenities, and one-stop shopping experience. It is quite easy for this new store to attract customers and offer a satisfying experience for shoppers.


Covering 10 main categories of fast fashion FMCGs that meet the latest fashion trends, this new store successfully attracts a certain amount of customers that expressed high appreciation towards the high product quality, affordable prices as well as functionality.


Neat and tidy XIMIVOGUE product display


Taking the needs of kids’ supplies into consideration, this new store also gave a lot of thoughts on the product display. With a wide range of products to meet the kids’ needs, this new store further improved its word of mouth and sales performance since its opening.


Apart from the above-mentioned factors, the store promotion is also an important contributor to its success. By putting up posters in the shopping mall, reward points promotions, free gifts, and more, this new store perfectly doubled its performance and enhanced its awareness among customers.


Want to open such a XIMIVOGUE store with a small amount of investment? Just follow the below steps to get franchise opportunities from us right now!


01. Apply: complete the online application, and get a reply from XIMIVOGUE.

02. Visit: visit a store nearby or visit the company/store/warehouse in XIMIVOGUE headquarters.

03. Sign: sign the agreement online or offline.

04. Open: open the XIMIVOGUE store, and get long-term service & support.

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