XIMIVOGUE Spring and Summer Girl Hair Accessories


As the weather gets warmer, it's only natural that you'll want to wear your hair up instead of letting it fall to your neck and shoulders.


Go big and bold with hair accessories this spring and summer. From knotted headbands to lace scrunchies, there are many ways to make your hair accessories the focal point of your outfit.


Check out our collection of hair accessory ideas for the warmer days ahead.


01  XIMIVOGUE knotted headband


Alice headbands look beautiful when wrapped around your hair and are perfect for hiding hair that needs washing.


Spring & Summer Girl Series Headband


The knots on these headbands add texture to traditional headbands, making them stylish and eye-catching.


You can't help but fall in love with pastel colors and fun patterns. All you need is a matching bikini.


02  XIMIVOGUE pastel bow barrette


The easiest way to accessorize your hair is with bows.


Spring & Summer Girl Series Spring Clip


This oversized bow comes in a hair clip for even easier attachment.


You can wear it in various ways depending on where you wear it. Pairing it with a side part, or securing it on the back of the hair and is perfect for hot climates.


03  XIMIVOGUE cartoon animal mini claw clip


What's the best way to style half-up, half-down hairstyles? You can't go wrong with mini claw clips.


Spring & Summer Girl Series Fabric Accessories Small Claw Clip


If you have brunette hair, these colorful statement claw clips look beautiful with dark hair colors.


Plus, they are an instant upgrade to regular plastic claw clips and are great fun for summer.


04  XIMIVOGUE duckbill clips


Who said basic hair clips have to be boring? Simple and timeless, duckbill clips can keep your bangs in check while adding personality to your hair look.


Spring & Summer Girl Series Spring Hair Clips 1 Pair


Paired with springs and fruit prints, these duckbill clips will become a staple of your summer vacation outfits.


Bonus points: Perfect for adding detail to simple hairstyles or taming bangs and flyaways.


05  XIMIVOGUE lace scrunchie


Thick girls or curly-haired girls, this is perfect for you! These oversized scrunchies feature ingenious rubber threads to keep your beautiful hair firmly in place.


Spring & Summer Girl Series Lace Hair Tie


Decorated with floral patterns, these scrunchies will add a refreshing touch to your spring/summer style.


It looks cute on your wrist even when you don't wear it in your hair.


06  XIMIVOGUE pastel hair ties


Nothing says spring and summer like a splash of bright, bold colors. These hair ties are exactly what you need to accentuate your look.


Spring & Summer Girl Series Hair Ties Set 2 Pcs


It's the perfect size for those with thin and sensitive hair, as well as for layering or wrapping into thin braids.


This set of mini scrunchies can be worn individually or in combination to keep you on top of the latest trends.

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