XIMIVOGUE Stylish Accessories To Elevate Your Sporty Look


Once upon a time, women had to choose between practicality and style when it came to sports.


But in recent years,  sports style has become a fashion statement in its own right. Choose sporty accessories that will enhance your outfit and give it a real sporty vibe.


So, unleash your inner sporty fashionista and make a statement with your unique sporty style.


01  XIMIVOGUE sports baseball cap


Baseball caps are not only essential for sun protection, but they also help add a stylish accent to your sportswear.


Casual All-Match Baseball Cap


This option from XIMIVOGUE has moisture-wicking materials and bright colors that add a playful touch to your look.


Try pairing it with more formal or casual pieces to create a balanced and stylish look.


02  XIMIVOGUE polka dot knotted headband


Headbands are making a huge comeback in sports fashion.


Loving-Heart Polka Dot Bowknot Headband


Add a stylish touch to your sports style with this trendy headband. The lightweight feel makes it perfect for quick workouts.


You can leave it on after your workout and pair it with casual outfits to run errands or meet friends for brunch.


03  XIMIVOGUE women’s sports sunglasses


Protecting your eyesight is paramount, whether you're doing outdoor activities like running or cycling, or playing your favorite sport under the sun.


Star Embellished Sunglasses for Adults


Sunglasses provide both eye protection and a fashionable touch to your look.


Featuring clean lines and neutral tones, these sunglasses easily complement your sportswear while making a fashion statement.


04  XIMIVOGUE women’s sports backpack


A practical backpack is most useful not only for yogi girls but also for passionate mountaineers.


Street Geometric Large Backpack


This sporty backpack features several compartments to store your water bottle, snacks, and extra clothing while maintaining a stylish and sporty look.


Plus, adjustable straps and breathable materials ensure a comfortable fit, making you look cool during your journey from the car to the gym.


05  XIMIVOGUE water bottle with snap lid


For optimal performance, it's important to drink enough water during exercise.


700mL/23.6fl.oz. Snap Lid Gradient Plastic Cup (Blue-Orange)


This water bottle from XIMIVOGUE combines functionality and style. It is perfect for hikers, runners, and fitness enthusiasts.


The snap-on lid closes securely to prevent leaks and spills, even during the most strenuous activities.


06  XIMIVOGUE sport couple socks


Socks have evolved from something hidden under shoes to a statement item in athleisure.


Sport Chic Comfortable Couple Socks 2 Pairs


Wearing this pair of socks from XIMIVOGUE is enough to motivate you to run a few kilometers.


This pair of socks is perfect for all sporty girls who like to work out in the gym, play competitive sports, or run.

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