XIMIVOGUE at 133rd Canton Fair Phase 3


XIMIVOGUE at the 133rd Canton Fair Phase 3


Congratulations to XIMIVOGUE’s success at the 133rd Canton Fair (phase 3)!


Attending trade exhibitions has proven to be quite beneficial for brands. As an important channel for China’s foreign trade, the Canton Fair is renowned as “China’s No. 1 Fair”, playing a key role in advancing the economic and trade exchanges between China and other countries. It has a huge commercial value and contributes to global trade.


With the full resume of the physical Canton Fair, the 133rd Canton Fair in 2023 increased its total exhibition area to 1.5 million square meters, which further facilitated international exhibitors to participate.


To network with a large number of potential partners and gain strong brand visibility, XIMIVOGUE attended the 133rd Canton Fair (phases 2 & 3), showcasing our products and services in a professional environment directly.


The 133rd Canton Fair displayed office supplies, leisure products, and more, which are similar to a few of XIMIVOGUE’s main categories of products. During the event, XIMIVOGUE was buzz-worthy and gained a lot of business opportunities.


Let’s show you XIMIVOGUE’s success at the 133rd Canton Fair (phase 3).



Fast fashion daily products


Apart from XIMIVOGUE’s brand strengths, its 10 main categories of products were quite welcomed by the public on site.


Combining the latest fashion elements into each product, XIMIVOGUE gained the love of a wide range of customers. By introducing original IPs from several independent designers, XIMIVOGUE launched a series of exclusive products with themes such as pandas, fruits, rainbows, unicorns, etc.


By showcasing its products at the exhibition booth, XIMIVOGUE products have become increasingly popular among consumers. The public were all satisfied with the high quality, affordable prices, fashionable elements and a lot of buyers showed great interest in our products.



Powerful brand strength


Sticking to the lifestyle of “fashion, nature, and comfort”, XIMIVOGUE focuses on life supplies with fashion and cost-effective products.


Since its establishment in 2015, XIMIVOGUE has already become a global well-known fast-fashion franchise brand and won hundreds of millions of customers' favor. Nowadays, there are over 1400 XIMIVOGUE stores in 66 countries around the world. Every day, millions of consumers walk into XIMIVOGUE stores for shopping and feel the joys of the fast fashion lifestyle.


By distributing brochures, displaying videos on screen, and more, XIMIVOGUE successfully attracted a certain number of exhibitors who expressed their intentions to cooperate with us.


Along with the clear information on the website and social media platforms printed on the brochures, XIMIVOGUE successfully enhanced its brand awareness during this event.

Its one-stop services regarding the franchise model and attentive services were highly appreciated by potential partners. During the event, several exhibitors signed contracts with XIMIVOGUE with the expectation of opening XIMIVOGUE stores in their countries in the near future.


XIMIVOGUE will attend the Canton Fair (autumn session) this year. Your participation will be greatly appreciated!

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