XIMIVOGUE at 134th Canton Fair Phase 2


Welcome to visit XIMIVOGUE at the 134th Canton Fair (phase 2)!


Dubbed "China's No. 1 Fair", the Canton Fair is an important channel for China's foreign trade. It plays an important role in the development of China's foreign trade and global economic and trade exchanges. Since its establishment in 1957, the Canton Fair has been successfully held for 133 sessions. In 2023, the 134th session aims to bring great convenience for foreign companies to explore the global market.



XIMIVOGUE at the 134th Canton Fair


To expose itself to more people, XIMIVOGUE participated in the 134th Canton Fair (phases 2 & 3) from October 23 to 27 and October 31 to November 4. Also, XIMIVOGUE at the 134th Canton Fair seeks cooperation from foreign partners looking for XIMIVOGUE store opening and its franchising services.


With exhibitions on household appliances, home decorations, festival products, etc., the famous 134th Canton Fair Phase 2 is a great platform for people to source these products, learn about the latest trends for specific product categories, or research ideas for their business.


Closely aligned with the theme of the 134th Canton Fair (Phase 2), XIMIVOGUE's products and services have successfully attracted the attention of visitors from all over the world and achieved success.


Let’s show you XIMIVOGUE’s moments at the 134th Canton Fair (phase 2).



The eye-catching design of the XIMIVOGUE stand


One of the factors contributing to XIMIVOGUE's impressive visual effect is the special design of the stand.


XIMIVOGUE in this session is conveniently located at the pearl promenade of the Canton Fair, which happens to be one of the entrances to the Canton Fair. From the warm lights combined with the colors of Marrs green and yellow, XIMIVOGUE immediately attracted the audience's interest and attention. Audiences stopped while passing by the XIMIVOGUE booth and admired its distinctive and captivating design.


With diverse booth ideas such as original IP "Monster Series", adorable Pikachu display shelves, etc., XIMIVOGUE has been highly appreciated for its impressive "global franchising" business model and its mission of "bringing happiness and surprise to global consumers” clearly.


In addition, fashion products, neat and tidy booth layout, and attractive brand presentation on screen also attract audiences to take photos, which also brings many business opportunities and traffic.



Experienced XIMIVOGUE team and detailed services


During this event, XIMIVOGUE appointed a team of experts to help consumers and partners better understand our brand.


By distributing promotional materials and XIMIVOGUE bags, the XIMIVOGUE team introduced many people. During this event, XIMIVOGUE attracted many potential partners to visit our headquarters in Guangzhou and successfully signed a number of cooperation agreements.


Besides the promotion program, the XIMIVOGUE team also presented details about its cooperation and business models to potential partners. Thanks to the comfortable trading environment, XIMIVOGUE further enhanced its reputation at the event.


XIMIVOGUE will still attend the Canton Fair (phase 3) from October 31 to November 4. We are looking forward to your participation!

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