XIMIVOGUE at 134th Canton Fair Phase 3



XIMIVOGUE franchise agreement signed at 134th Canton Fair (phase 3)


Congratulations to XIMIVOGUE’s success at the 134th Canton Fair (phase 3)!


Participating in trade shows can bring many benefits to brands. It increases the possibility of gaining new clients and customers and provides opportunities to make new business contacts and new business deals.


As an important channel for China's foreign trade, the Canton Fair is a gathering of industry experts, enthusiasts, and media under one roof in a setting that promotes business.


The third phase of the 134th Canton Fair commerced on October 31. This phase includes five main sections, including Toys & Children Baby and Maternity, Fashion, Home Textiles, Stationery, and Health & Recreation, with a focus on the theme of "Quality Living."


Nicaragua investors visited XIMIVOGUE at the Canton Fair


To meet and connect with potential clients and stay on top of the latest developments in fast fashion, XIMIVOGUE attended the 134th Canton Fair (phases 2 & 3), to showcase its cost-effective products and franchising services.


Aligning with the theme and products of this phase of Canton Fair, XIMIVOGUE is buzz-worthy and conveys an important sense of professionalism.  


Let’s share you with XIMIVOGUE’s success at the 134th Canton Fair (phase 3).



Strong brand power


XIMIVOGUE adheres to the lifestyle of "Fashion, Nature, and Comfort" and focuses on providing fashionable and cost-effective products for your life.


Since its founding in 2015, XIMIVOGUE has already become a globally recognized fast fashion franchise brand with the support of hundreds of millions of customers. Currently, XIMIVOGUE has more than 1,400 stores in more than 60 countries around the world. Every day, millions of consumers shop at his XIMIVOGUE stores and feel the joy of the fast fashion lifestyle.


During the Canton Fair, XIMIVOGUE was able to gather a certain number of exhibitors who expressed their intention to cooperate by distributing pamphlets and showing videos on screens. Together with clear information on its website and social media platforms published on the website and in the brochure, XIMIVOGUE succeeded in increasing brand awareness during this event.



Unique original IP series


In today's competitive environment, it is not enough to sell the same product as others in the market. If a brand wants to become a market leader, it needs to develop its own products.


By differentiating its products from generic products on the market, XIMIVOGUE has been able to increase its chances of gaining a loyal customer base with its original IP series. So far, we have collaborated with multiple designers and released popular series such as Monster, unicorn, fruit, and tie-dye.


By exhibiting tie-dye products at Canton Fair Phase 3, XIMIVOGUE products are becoming more and more popular among consumers. The high quality, reasonable price, and fashionable elements satisfied the viewers, and many visitors showed high interest in our products.

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