XIMIVOGUE at Casuaina Square


Located in the Northern Territory of Australia, Casuaina Square was set up to provide a wide range of services to local people.

It is a comfortable shopping location with more than 190 shops and retailers, which creates a convenient shopping experience for customers. 

XIMIVOGUE at Casuaina Square

The latest fashion is the theme of this square. Depend on this, XIMIVOGUE entered into this square and a win-win situation has been established.

As a fast fashion franchise brand promoting green consumer products, XIMIVOGUE opened up a business model of wholesale retail outlets. Its concept and products are comply with this square. 

Ideal location of XIMIVOGUE store

XIMIVOGUE stores are featured by its simplicity, nature and pleasant shopping experience. Here you can find an abundant of products, which meet your various needs. 

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