6 Funny Ugly Hair Accessories for Your Juicy Summer


Summer is a wonderful season.


Whether you have long hair or a close-cropped haircut, looking stylish on a hot day can be a daunting task.


It's time to ditch traditional hair accessories and stay on trend by adding these XIMIVOGUE funny and ugly hair accessories to your collection.


01  XIMIVOGUE funny ugly series scrunchy


Summer has begun and ponytails are in full bloom.


Funny Ugly Series Long Ears Scrunchy


Fashionable girls prefer the oversized scrunchies possible, and these are some of the best value-for-money scrunchies on the high street.


Featuring cute cartoon expressions, these scrunchies straddle the line between ultra-cute and fun sophistication to enrich your hair accessory offering.


02  XIMIVOGUE funny ugly series braided hair tie


For a light and airy vibe, choose these braided hair ties. They're perfect for breezy summer dresses and warm evenings.


Funny Ugly Series Funny Woven Hair Tie


Pick one or two of these to use in your hair for a stackable scrunchie design or a simple scrunchie updo.


They'll also add flair to a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit, or look cute on your wrist all day.


03  XIMIVOGUE funny ugly series sponge headband


A few seasons ago, padded headbands were all the rage. Keep the idea, but think of something more fun, like this option from XIMIVOGUE.


Funny Ugly Series Long Ears Sponge Headband


It is made from a stretchy jersey and is stretchy, so it fits snugly without pinching your head.


Say hello to this sun savior, which not only instantly enhances your look, but also hides a variety of hot weather sins.


04  XIMIVOGUE funny ugly series pleated headband with accessories


Capture the essence of summer with pleated headbands embellished with colorful and fun accessories.


Funny Ugly Series Acrylic Accessory Headband


Functional yet stylish, these headbands are perfect for keeping hair out of your face on a hot day at the beach.


You'll fall in love with the bright colors and fun patterns. All you need is a matching bikini.


05  XIMIVOGUE funny ugly series large claw clip


Can you get enough claw clips? The cute design of these will make your summer fun!


Funny Ugly Series Cute Claw Clip


These bright, eye-catching, and fun-designed claw clips are perfect for beach vacations or lounging by the pool. Add instant summer fun to any outfit.


Skillfully pull hair away from your face and neck for a beautiful undone look.


06  XIMIVOGUE funny ugly series bobby pin set


All over Instagram, you can see decorative hairpins sitting pretty on the heads of dreamy girls.


Funny Ugly Series Bobby Pins Pair


Channel your inner free spirit with hairpins featuring wave designs, bright colors, and fun 3D patterns.


Warm colors are one of the best colors to brighten up your summer. Featuring shades of pink, red, blue, and orange, this hairpin set is perfect for adding an ombre effect to your outfits and hairstyles.

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