Invest In These XIMIVOGUE Ceramic Mugs for Favorite Beverages


Enjoying your beverage with a perfect mug can make all the difference.


Whether you're a coffee lover or enjoy the same drink every morning, there's a ceramic mug waiting for you.


Sit back, relax, and let XIMIVOGUE advise you on the stylish ceramic mugs for your morning routine.


01  XIMIVOGUE milk bottle ceramic mug


If you are heading out on the road, then it's time to invest in a great travel mug. This milk bottle-shaped mug is perfect.


320ml/10.8fl.oz. Cartoon Pudding Ceramic Cup


The leak-proof lid and convenient handle make this the ideal mug to take your drink with you on the go without making a mess.


Whether you're looking to take Instagram-worthy photos or have a truly wonderful drinking experience, this ceramic mug is the perfect window.


02  XIMIVOGUE wide-mouth ceramic mug


Do you like making lattes at home? Such a wide-mouthed mug optimally keeps the foam and allows you to enjoy the aroma of your coffee to the fullest.


330ml/11.1fl.oz. Cartoon Basic Ceramic Cup


The generous size means you can use it as a single-serve soup or cereal bowl.


Thanks to the shape, the mugs can also be neatly stacked inside, saving space in your cupboard.


03  XIMIVOGUE embossed cat tail ceramic mug


Cat lovers, this is the mug for you.


370ml/12.5fl.oz. Embossed Cat Ceramic Cup


Designed with a cute cat look to celebrate our furry friends.


Plus, the signature embossed cat tail design will put a smile on your face every time you take a sip of your favorite beverage.


04  XIMIVOGUE honeypot-shaped ceramic mug


If you're tired of standard mugs, this honeypot-shaped mug is the chic way to change things up.


580ml/19.61fl.oz. Honeypot Shaped Ceramic Cup


With enough space to hold your favorite drink, its pleasant color options are great for a bright morning.


With a capacity of 580ml, you can drink it all day long, without spending extra money at the coffee shop.


05  XIMIVOGUE flower ceramic mug


Heavy ceramic mugs will make your morning brew feel extra special.


400ml/13.52fl.oz. Creative Flowers Ceramic Cup


The color and details in the glossy, rainbow-hued surface are so pretty that you can’t decide whether to drink tea from this mug or display it on a shelf.


Want to get a little arty with it? This mug is a great way to start your day if you plan on hitting galleries in the afternoon.


06  XIMIVOGUE outing diary ceramic mug


For tea and latte lovers, a tall mug keeps the frothed milk floating and not mixing with the rest of the drink.


600ml/20.28fl.oz. Outing Diary Basic Ceramic Cup


With a flat handle for your thumb and a thin rim for easy drinking, this mug is a stylish update to the classic dinner mug.


It has good proportions and looks modern without being too fussed.

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