XIMIVOGUE Self Care Essentials To Put You At Ease


Let's be honest, we all could use a little relaxation now and then.


Whether they are in a busy season or just need some peace, giving a relaxing gift to your loved one may be the perfect way to improve their overall mood.


From comfy sleep masks to resistance bands, these items will help you squeeze a little 'me time' into your schedule.


01  XIMIVOGUE 3D embroidery sleep mask


What could be better than a night of restful sleep after a long and stressful day?


3D Embroidery Comfortable Eye Mask


Help your loved one achieve their best Z's and wake up feeling refreshed with this sleep mask made from ultra-soft material.


This simple yet effective item can completely transform your recipient's resting habits.


02  XIMIVOGUE caterpillar squeeze toy


Sensory activities like this squishy toy are an easy way to calm the mind and relax.


Squeeze Toy - Caterpillar


This adorable caterpillar-squeezing toy is sure to put a smile on your face. It looks cute even when placed on your office desk.


You can carry it all day, so you can use it anytime.


03  XIMIVOGUE soft-soled Women’s flip-flops


Slippers are a universal symbol of relaxation and comfort.


Rhomboid Soft Soled Stylish Flip-flops (Beige)


Thanks to their ultra-soft design and thick soles, these flip-flops will make you feel like you're walking on clouds.


Pair it with your most comfortable robe or pajamas to achieve the style of a self-care queen.


04  XIMIVOGUE inspiration notebook


One of the best ways to relax is to remember what you are grateful for.


Dream Sky Hardcover Notebook A6


If you love writing, this notebook with inspirational quotes will help you encourage yourself and manage your life healthily.


You can use it to set and follow health goals such as making time for yoga, meditation, and other relaxing daily activities.


05  XIMIVOGUE colored can 1000-piece puzzle


Focusing on your goals without getting distracted has become a meditative habit these days.


Colored Can Pattern Puzzle (1000PCS)


Puzzles are a great calming element for friends who need to step away from their screens and focus on the present moment.


This 1000-piece puzzle kit from XIMIVOGUE is as beautiful to look at as it is to put together. It is quite relaxing once all the parts are assembled.


06  XIMIVOGUE 1.5m resistance band


Taking time to strengthen your stretches and increase your endorphins is a great way to energize your mind and body.


Tension Band 1.5m 18 Pounds (Blue)


This resistance band is perfect for increasing mental and physical flexibility.


It is handy and allows your loved one to perform a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups, promoting strength and overall fitness at any time.

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