Mindful XIMIVOGUE Wellness Gift Ideas for The New Year


“Wellness” is one of those buzzwords that can mean a lot of different things. Giving someone a gift that supports their wellness in the new year is a very meaningful way to show them how much you care.


To save you the hassle, we've done our research and narrowed our offerings to the best.


Covering a variety of categories, these gifts all put health first. This holiday season, choose one or more of these gifts for the people on your list.


01  XIMIVOGUE wireless headset


Headsets make great gifts for anyone, as they're useful for working out, lounging, traveling, commuting, running errands, and more.


Lightweight Series Simple TWS Large Wireless Headset(White) 23BF07


XIMIVOGUE wireless headsets allow your loved one to listen to their favorite podcasts, playlists, and meditations without disturbing the outside world.


Whether your child needs to quietly study for a quiz or your partner needs to get some work done in a busy office, these headsets are perfect.


02  XIMIVOGUE embroidered sleep mask


As self-care and wellness become more important, thoughtful gifts that encourage relaxation and good sleep are becoming increasingly popular.


Elegant Embroidered Comfortable Eye Mask


This comfortable sleep mask will add a little more luxury to the recipient's sleep habits.


Not only will it keep your recipients comfortable throughout the night, but it will also help them sleep more soundly.


03  XIMIVOGUE memory foam travel pillow


For your loved one who is always on the go, this travel pillow is the perfect addition to the standard U-shaped neck pillow they bought in a hurry at the airport.


Comfortable Memory Foam U-Shaped Pillow (Pink)


This pillow is made from memory foam and provides ergonomic and natural 360-degree neck support. Plus, the soft cover is removable and machine washable.


They can fall asleep almost anywhere, whether it's on the couch or a plane.


04  XIMIVOGUE Cinque Terre puzzle


Do you know someone who needs to do something with their hands all the time? This 1000-piece puzzle set is perfect for people who can't sit still or need to keep moving.


Cinque Terre Puzzle (1000PCS)


The charm of Cinque His Terre comes to life in the form of a puzzle, offering recipients the opportunity to recreate these breathtaking views piece by piece.


It's a welcome respite from the immediacy of the digital age and can encourage a more mindful and laid-back lifestyle.


05  XIMIVOGUE portable travel vacuum flask


Staying hydrated can make a big difference to our mental and physical health, and having a proper water container is crucial to remember to stay hydrated and enjoy the process.


500ml/16.9fl.oz. Hat Tour Vacuum Flask (Pink)


Wellness enthusiasts will happily stay hydrated during any activity with this double-insulated water bottle that offers flip-lids and straw options.


Bring peace of mind to their workday, especially on cold mornings, with this portable insulated bottle.


06  XIMIVOGUE stylish thick-soled women’s sandals


Do you know a fashionista around you who doesn't want to sacrifice style for comfort? This pair of sandals is a must-have.


Simple Stylish Thick Soled Women's Sandals (White)


A thick sole combined with a breathable upper allows them to walk comfortably in any weather.


Recipients can wear them around the house, after a workout, or on their feet after a long day. It's also useful when they're walking your dog around the neighborhood, running errands, or doing yard work.

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