XIMIVOGUE Tips To Improve Your Retail Displays


If you run a retail store, you know how important displays are. They help attract customers, get them excited about new products, increase brand awareness, and boost sales.


A good retail display should be creative and grab the attention of passing target customers with engaging and easy-to-read content.


Let's find out more.



What is the retail display?


A retail display is a physical marketing or store area designed to attract and retain customers, display merchandise, and encourage more purchases.


It can be anything that displays or promotes products within a store.


XIMIVOGUE tips to improve your retail displays


1. Harness the power of lighting


Proper lighting not only creates visual interest but also ensures that your products stand out.


Ambient lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting all impact the quality of product presentation.


The main lighting provides atmospheric lighting and should be bright enough for everyone to see your products. Focal points and window displays should also include accent lighting to draw customers' eyes to key products and signage. From there, you can think about decorative lighting to add even more pops of color.



2. Design creative signs


Signs are great for organizational purposes and help shoppers quickly find areas and products.


Make your signage decorative and creative as well. People are more likely than ever to enjoy and appreciate stores that are better at creating experiences than ever before.


Highlight the uniqueness of your products by placing signs that inform customers about your products. For example, place a small sign or nameplate that tells the story of your product.



3. Consider the product placement


Considering the placement area is one of the most important aspects of properly designing a retail store.


New products and best sellers should be placed in high-traffic areas. Ideally, impulse purchases or additional items should be placed near the register.


By creating a consistent 'vibe' throughout your store, each product you choose to display will blend into its surroundings and encourage customers to make a purchase.



4. Utilize cross-merchandising


Cross-merchandising complementary products on the same retail display is one way to use secondary product placement to increase sales.


It is both visually appealing and a great way to fill out a space in a cohesive manner.


Doing this also makes it easier for customers to get what they need. Instead of walking through the entire store to find matching items, they’re in one place.



5. Change retail products regularly


Consumer preferences and trends change over time. They will come back more often if they know they'll find something new every time they visit.


Changing your retail product displays regularly will keep your store new and fresh with each visit, making it easier for customers to discover new products.



6. Maintenance


Maintenance is just as important as the design and regular changes to your store displays.


It's important to keep retail product displays clean, well-spaced, and organized so customers can easily find and purchase products without getting overwhelmed.


It also conveys professionalism, attention to detail, and a commitment to quality, which can enhance the overall perception of the brand.


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