Must Have Tools for Beautiful Gift Wrapping


There are many ways to show someone you care, but tearing open a lovingly wrapped gift turns a kind feeling into a celebration.


Wrapping presents is fun, isn't it? Having a few basic items on hand can help you avoid gift-wrapping problems during a last-minute party or birthday.


That's why today, XIMIVOGUE will reveal some of our most popular gift-wrapping tools, from practical to cute, unique to trendy.


01  XIMIVOGUE brown bear horizontal gift bag


It happens to everyone. Sometimes you just don't have time to wrap a gift. Keep gift bags ready for when you need to wrap a gift at short notice.


British Bear Horizontal Gift Bag (M)


These brown bear gift bags fold flat for easy storage. They also provide extra protection for delicate or oddly shaped items.


These bags can be reused long after the holidays are over. A gift within a gift.


02  XIMIVOGUE pink series gilding gift wrapping paper


This is one of the best shortcuts to spreading joy. Find some great wrapping paper, fold it sharply, tie it with a bow, and make the recipient feel like a million bucks.


Pink Pictorial Gilding Gift Wrapping Paper


These pink series gift paper feature timeless patterns and subtle colors that are perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and other formal occasions. Your gift will exude class and style.


They look great especially if you include a lovely little gift card with a wonderful wish.


03  XIMIVOGUE colorful gift card ballpoint pen


While not completely necessary, having a few fancy pens is fun when wrapping gifts.


Vintage Party 10-in-1 Ballpoint Pen 0.5mm


With every color of the rainbow, these 10-color ballpoint pens are especially fun for writing and coloring gift tags, cards, and addressing envelopes during the holiday season.


With multiple colors included, you don't have to carry or store a separate pen for each color, which is especially helpful when you want to create quickly and efficiently.


04  XIMIVOGUE sweet heart gift wrapping washi tape set


If you have ambitious mix-and-match skills, washi tape is sure to impress you.


Sweet Pattern Tape 3 Rolls


This set of 3 rolls of washi tape with colorful and cute designs. Coordinate with wrapping paper and use it as accents or paper holders to make a simple wrapped gift look even more luxurious.


What's more, you can write a little message on them and use them as a temporary gift label.


05  XIMIVOGUE gift wrapping artificial raffia grass


Place raffia grass in gift bags or boxes to add an extra layer of protection and make them look great.


Raffia Grass 50g


Choose these artificial raffia grass in neutral tones to complement any gift. It mimics the look and feel of natural raffia, helping to keep your gift wrapping intact.


Combine with other natural elements like dried flowers, leaves, and pine cones to add depth and texture to your gift wrapping.


06  XIMIVOGUE heart pattern gift wrapping ribbon roll


The "really fun part" of gift wrapping is when you add further decorations with ribbons etc. after you've applied the paper.


Loving-Heart Printed Decorative Ribbon Roll


These rolls of ribbon can also be used for a variety of DIY projects such as decorating picture frames, making bookmarks, creating Christmas decorations, etc.


Not only can they be used for wrapping gifts, but they can also be used to tie balloons, make streamers and garlands, and decorate events.

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