Practical Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Father This Fathers Day


Father's Day is this Sunday, and a truly special Father's Day gift doesn't have to be expensive.


Here we rounded up the top 6 Father's Day gifts for every type of dad that will make him smile. You deserved it. He deserves it.


These gifts will express your affection and continue to be useful, adorable, or both for years to come.


01  XIMIVOGUE gentleman automatic buckle belt for father


Dad loves gifts that are versatile and practical, so give him something that will last for years to come.


Classy Gentleman Automatic Buckle Belt for Men (Black)


If you're short on creative Father's Day gift ideas, a new black belt that goes with just about anything might be just the thing.


Unlike traditional buckles that can be bulky, this belt features an automatic buckle that fastens easily and is easy to put on and take off.


02  XIMIVOGUE motivational word ceramic mug for father


If your dad loves a good coffee, tea, or other hot beverage, a mug might be the perfect Father's Day gift.


Trendy Words Wide Handle Basic Ceramic Cup


This best-ever ceramic mug with motivational words will change his life. He'll try to sell people this mug you bought him.


Bonus: It's durable and practical, so it'll be a great morning or office desk staple for him.


03  XIMIVOGUE retro style long purse for father


Dad's probably been carrying a wallet for way too long, so his credit cards and cash deserve a new home.


Retro Silver Lable Long Purse for Men


This long, slim wallet holds up to 13 cards and plenty of cash and is finished off with a silver label for a subtle look.


The bi-fold design offers plenty of space. Any style-conscious dad will love this wallet.


04  XIMIVOGUE double bridge aviator sunglasses for father


If you grew up watching movies with your dad or grandfather, why not give him a gift that will remind him of that era and make him look like a movie star?


Double-Bridge Classic Aviator Sunglasses for Men


These timeless aviator-style sunglasses will make him feel like a movie star or modern-day red-carpet celebrity.


They're versatile and can handle everything from intense running workouts to sunny beach days.


05  XIMIVOGUE hollow non-slip sandals for father


Maybe it's time for Dad to update his footwear, too. These hollow sandals are the perfect combination of comfort and casual cool.


Hollow Non-Slip Men’s Sandals


Waterproof, lightweight, and incredibly stylish, they check all the boxes to be the perfect sandals this summer.


He'll wear them around the house or when he goes shopping, or even wear them to dinner.


06  XIMIVOGUE large sports backpack for father


If your dad loves to travel, this is the backpack he needs.


Classy Sports Large Backpack


It comes with a variety of storage compartments for everything from toiletries to spare t-shirts, so his favorite things are always close at hand.


It also comes with two water bottle holders, which he'll be thankful for as soon as his next trip arrives.

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