XIMIVOGUE Astronaut Series for Space Enthusiasts


ximivogue astronaut series

We were all astonished by the vastness of the space. What is out there beyond Earth has been quite an appealing subject for space lovers. 


Besides space, what else space lovers are obsessed with are the astronauts. Nothing is cooler than driving a spaceship to explore space.


Though we do not have much knowledge of space, there is a theme that always encourages us to dream big. Astronaut series!


If you are a space enthusiast, here we’ve gathered several astronaut series that have your fantasies at your fingertips!


01  Astronaut Series keychain


Why not explore the universe from a space keychain? You will certainly need one for your spaceship!

XIMIVOGUE Spaceman Keychain


XIMIVOGUE spaceman keychains are great accessories, which are perfect to hold keys and other small items.


02  Astronaut Series eye mask


Can not wait to touch the space? Make your dream come true with this eye mask at nighttime!

XIMIVOGUE Astronaut Eye Mask


This astronaut-printed eye mask will keep you cozy during sleep. It provides excellent shading for galaxy lovers. 


03  Astronaut Series ornaments


To see and feel the space, you can simply place some astronaut ornaments in your cabinet as gifts from the universe. 

XIMIVOGUE Spaceman Ornaments


Featuring well-crafted hand painting, these cute spaceman shape ornaments simulate the unevenness of the planet's surface, creating an artistic astronaut figure.


If you are finding ideal spaceman ornaments at home or office, this series of ornaments will surely satisfy your desire.


04  Astronaut Series phone holder


It is both interesting and creative to support your phone with a spaceman standing on the moon!

XIMIVOGUE Spaceman Ornament Phone Holder


Made of high-quality resin, these lovely spaceman phone holders are durable and non-slip. They are easy to clean, non-toxic and odorless. 


Fitting with various phones horizontally or vertically, these adorable phone holders provide good vision for you.   


Now, get more of this series from XIMIVOGUE as space gifts!

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