XIMIVOGUE Dinosaur Themed Accessories for Dino Fans


Dinosaurs have captivated the imagination of people of all ages for generations. From the giant Tyrannosaurus rex to the graceful Stegosaurus, these prehistoric creatures continue to fascinate us.


They're more than just cool products and stories, they are a mixture of reality and myth.


Whether you have a dinosaur fan in your life or you want to introduce your kids to the prehistoric world, get ready for an epic dinosaur hunt with our amazing dinosaur-inspired accessories.


01  XIMIVOGUE dinosaur travel pillow


Imagine leaning back in your seat with a stuffed dinosaur wrapped around your neck for gentle support.


Cute Eyes Dinosaur PP Foam U-shaped Pillow (Green)


For those who are passionate about dinosaurs, this dinosaur neck pillow provides an opportunity to experience fantasy adventures with your dinosaur friends.


Wear it and show off your inner “dinosaur”!


02  XIMIVOGUE dinosaur stuffed doll


Not all dinosaurs have to be wild.


Cute Dinosaur Plush Doll (M)


This cute little dinosaur with bright colors is always ready for cuddles.


Whether you're snuggling up for a nap or seeking comfort, this plush dinosaur will give you a sense of security and security.


03  XIMIVOGUE hairbrush with cartoon dinosaur


Meet these cartoon dinosaurs, the friendly dinosaurs who are on a mission to make hair care a roaring good time.


Little Dinosaur Round Foam Particle Hair Brush


With his playful grin and cool gestures, these hairbrushes are a companion ready to embark on grooming adventures.


Picture this: a sunny morning, the chirping of birds outside, and you, standing in front of the mirror with a smile on your face with one of these hairbrushes in hand.


04  XIMIVOGUE cartoon dinosaur beaded keychain


For those who grew up in the '90s and early 2000s, cartoon dinosaurs were everywhere in popular culture.


Beaded Dinosaur Acrylic Keychain


These keychains are decorated with colorful acrylic beads carefully placed over a cartoon dinosaur to express love.


You'll love wearing this dinosaur keychain and telling your friends and family that you're the proud owner of a gift from Dinosaur World.


05  XIMIVOGUE dinosaur 10 colors ballpoint pen


When your little ones play with this rainbow-colored ballpoint pen, their creations will resemble Cretaceous ingenuity.


Adventure Dinosaur Valley 10-in-1 Ballpoint Pen 0.7mm


With 10 different colors of ink, kids can get creative in ways they never imagined possible.


Whether you want to take notes, doodle, or create colorful illustrations, it offers a variety of options to suit any task or mood.


06  XIMIVOGUE 60-piece dinosaur puzzle


Talk about when imagination meets cognitive play - this puzzle set is designed to be fun for dinosaur lovers.


Dinosaur Puzzle (60PCS)


Little dinosaur and puzzle lovers can climb to the throne of puzzle king with this 60-piece Roaring Dinosaur Puzzle Set.


With each piece you connect, you uncover pieces of this ancient world, gradually revealing the majestic creatures that once ruled this land.

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