XIMIVOGUE Floral Inspired Item To Celebrate This Spring


Spring is finally in full bloom! As symbols of nature's rebirth, flowers add a splash of color to our springtime lives.


A colorful assortment of floral-inspired items is perfect for those who want to show their love for flowers every day.


XIMIVOGUE has put together six of his items inspired by spring flowers that will bring the newness of spring into your life.


01  XIMIVOGUE daisy wiggle gel pen


Decorated with a delicate daisy pen cap and shades of green, this gel pen exudes a sense of joy and optimism.


Fresh Daisy Wiggle Gel Pen Black 0.5mm


Its playful wiggle feature brings even more fun, making it the perfect companion for capturing thoughts and inspiration.


Don't forget to put it in your bag when you go out into the fresh spring air.


02  XIMIVOGUE oil painting flower notebook


As spring shines brighter, floral notebooks emerge as an essential companion for those looking to capture the essence of the season.


Country Oil Painting Hardcover Notebook A6


The cover of this notebook features a delicate floral oil painting that pays homage to the beauty of spring.


Please pick it up, immerse yourself in the world of blooming spring, and let your imagination fly with flowers.


03  XIMIVOGUE large flower stud earrings


Bright colors are expected to be the dominant this spring.


Fresh Sweet Stud Earrings


These oversized floral earrings feature a hexagonal design and are perfect for this year's sunny days and warm temperatures.


Pair them with your white mid-length dress and Mary Jane flats and no one will be able to take their eyes off you.


04  XIMIVOGUE purple flower Women’s socks


Spring is the perfect time to complement your colorful accessories. If you want to jump into this trend, try these purple floral socks.


Purple Floral Jacquard Comfortable Women's Socks 2 Pairs


Whether you're strolling down a city street or attending a garden party, these socks will turn heads wherever you go.


Pair it with rolled-up pants and loafers for a relaxed yet sophisticated look, or pair it with a skirt and heels for a playful twist on classic elegance.


05  XIMIVOGUE mini flower claw clips


Complete your look this spring with mini floral claw clips. They are the ultimate spring accessory for outings and concert nights.


Colorful Mini Claw Clip #3


They are simple-designed so you can pair them with anything to add a fun detail to your look.


The beauty of these claw clips lies in their ability to elevate any hairstyle with a subtle nod to nature.


06  XIMIVOGUE floral fabric storage basket


Whether you're hosting a garden party or refreshing your home for the upcoming warmer months, this storage basket is an easy way to add a touch of spring to your space.


Cotton and Linen Sewing Fabric Storage Container (White)


Inspired by nature's vibrant blooms, its prints remind you of the beauty of a blooming garden.


The dual-use design makes it ideal for storing a variety of items. Combine it with other spring-inspired decor elements to create a fresh look.

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