XIMIVOGUE Fruit Series


XIMIVOGUE Fruit Series


Few foods signal a season’s arrival as strongly as the appearance of seasonal fruits. 


Fruit patterns come in soothing colors can be used in any season, which gives us a refreshing look and fun energy.


XIMIVOGUE loves the sweet and festive atmosphere the fruits bring and developed a unique fruit series for global consumers.


If you need a new zest of life, just reach us and get the juiciest ideas with us!


01 Fruit hair tie


Choosing just a fruit hair tie with fruit prints will make you feel like the pick of the bunch whether you are going to the beach or having meals with friends. 

Fresh Fruit Hair Tie


Come in adorable and colorful design, these hair ties are in different fruit patterns, which allow us to match different colors according to our daily outfit.


02 Fruit eye patch


You are sure to have sweet dreams when wearing these fruit eye patches.


The skin-friendly fabric of these eye patches is perfect for dozing and lounging. 

Fruit Vegetable Series Cute Eye Patch


Paired with these cute fruit expressions, you will have all your sweet dreams covered when you wear these lovely sleep masks.


03 Strawberry pencil bag


The strawberry-printed fabric has attractive appeal, especially when paired with a cute pencil bag.

Fruit Collection Pencil Bag (Strawberry)


This pencil bag is completed with a wide zipper opening, which allows for convenient accessibility to the items inside.


With an adorable design, this pencil bag can also be used as a cosmetic bag.


04 Watermelon flip flop


Are you ready to add some style to your outfit? Then prepare this pair of flip flops with the charming watermelon prints. 

Fruit Doodle Flip Flop Sandals for Women (Pink)


This cute flip flop is perfect for both wearing around the house and throwing it quickly on while on our way. 


05 Fruit glass


What could be better than sipping a big glass of juices on a hot day? Preparing these fruit ice cream glasses when you do it. 

HY 003 Fruit Ice Cream Glass 400ml/13.5fl.oz.


As part of XIMIVOGUE’s fruit series, these clear glasses with fruit prints feature a sense of refreshment. 

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