XIMIVOGUE Joint Operation Business Model Reported by Famous Media


Global fast-fashion brand XIMIVOGUE, which takes franchise as its major business model over the past few years, has launched a new business model to seize more business opportunities.


Taking Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) as its main products, XIMIVOGUE has been well known for its 10 main categories of fast fashion daily products all over the world. Up to now, there are more than 1700 stores opened in 93 countries and regions.


Benefited from its main business model, as it is mentioned above, “franchise”, XIMIVOGUE headquarters, its mast franchisees, and franchisees, have earned sound acknowledgment and benefits.


In order to further improve its brand awareness and profits, XIMIVOGUE recently has launched a new business model – joint operation, with the aim of connecting its partners closely and bringing more opportunities for each other.


Under this new business model of joint operation, there are low investment risks and stable revenues for investors. Plus, the professional one-stop operation provided by the XIMIVOGUE headquarters will make the whole process both time and money-saving. 

XIMIVOGUE global stores (part)


There are a lot of advantages of XIMIVOGUE’s joint operation business model:


1. Small amount of investment and cash flow budget

2. No pressure on inventory

3. Safe, high and stable return

4. Sound exit mechanism

5. Product deposit system


Under this business model, investors can pay the product deposits at one time, avoid market operation risks, and receive a high ROI. 


Taking advantage of its global awareness and creative business model, XIMIVOGUE has drawn the attention of a variety of world-famous media. Its news of launching a new business model of joint operation was reported and reprinted by several popular media, including Reader’s Digest, Yahoo, Marketwatch, Life&Style, and more.


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As a media part of Yahoo, Yahoo! Finance provides financial news, data, and commentary. It is ranked 21st on the list of largest news and media websites by SimilarWeb. 

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As an American general-interest family magazine, Reader’s Digest is the largest paid circulation magazine in the world. It has been the best-selling consumer magazine since 1922 for many years. 

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MarketWatch is a leading website in market data, business news, financial news, and more. It is a subsidiary of Dow Jones & Company and property of News Corp. 

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