La República is a famous Peruvian newspaper mainly reporting national dailies.

It was about XIMIVOGUE at Feria Internacional de Negocios y Franquicias Fanyf. In its report, XIMIVOGUE was reported as one of the 26 companies expanding its market in Colombia. 

XIMIVOGUE reported by La República

According to this report, XIMIVOGUE was evaluated as a Korean-styled franchise brand aiming at raising its brand awareness globally.

In 2018, XIMIVOGUE has achieved over 1300 stores in more than 30 countries and regions. In addition, it was planned to open 250 new stores in Colombia.

XIMIVOGUE Global Markets

So far, XIMIVOGUE has opened over 1600 stores with 87 countries and regions around the world, including Australia, Algeria, Bulgaria, Brazil, China, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Panama, Romania, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, USA, etc. 

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